The Priore device was essentially a high voltage – high frequency light bulb widely proven at that time to treat cancer, the issue was the pure principle was not understood. Thanks to Dan Winter’s new equation on his book cover: “Origins of Biologic Negentropy”

The Priore device (originally shown at that time to be a well proven cancer and disease solution) is now again in a promising testing phase as the Theraphi! > see more complete Science and History of Theraphi/Priore

The frequency signature Priore used is substantially predicted on the Dan Winter’s new book cover-which is how Theraphi team optimized the new prototype. They used Dan Winter’s discovery of the previously unknown pure principle- which is that perfected broad spectral phase conjugation becomes negentropic and regenerative. This was proven in optics. Theraphi takes this principle even more broad spectral and thus more powerful than ever before.

TheraPhi is powerful centripetal broad spectra phase conjugate field (both plasma/optical and ELF) Plasma Healing Field Technology, based on the famous PRIORE device- the net effect was a highly stimulating and healing and rejuvenating to most cellular life.

Theraphi Creator, Dan Winter – predicted precisely all the frequencies and phase relationships used in the TheraPhi to rediscover amazing technology with great application. Theraphi’s technology expert Paul Harris implemented this is in very specialized amplifier design, world’s first custom vortex pyrex high voltage plasma tube, unique noble gas plasma mix for conjugate optics,  and very specialized custom multi circuit high voltage tesla coil for phase discipline.