Phi* Therapy with Theraphi

The pure physics is clearly outlined in Dan Winter’s “Origins of Biologic Negentropy” – quite clearly the Theraphi system is potential real proof that ‘fractal fields’ as perfect compression ARE the essence of bioactive fields – for human benefit.

It is even intuitively obvious that restored charge compression would be the opposite of swelling.

Preliminary but anecdotal results from Theraphi plasma bulbs are overwhelming there are many benefits and we are well on our way to completing the proof that our experiment in bioactive rejuvenation fields can complete serious clinical documentation.

Theraphi intend to scientifically prove the concept that broad spectrum / centripetal conjugate field effects – rejuvenate and re-organize biologic systems- including addressing pain and many health issues- both in theory and in practice.

Practical, painless and safe

Delivering both practical pain reduction and solutions to many health issues- without making medical claims – until the results documentation science is clear.